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Education Services:
We offer education services on blockchain technology. We can help you on your business problem with a Blockchain Business Case Identifier (BCI) Workshop. We can also support you to build up the technical blockchain understanding by a hands-on Hackathon as a Service (HAAS) or a DApp Developer Training.
ICO Services:
We offer care-free ICO Services for your needs. We can support you from start by turning your token idea into a technical token and ICO paper. We also offer the full development, testing and auditing of the smart contracts for your token and ICO. We can advise/consult you with our extensive experience on all other needed processes for running the ICO.
Blockchain Solution Services:
We design customised blockchain solutions for your use case. We can help you to build the technical concept for your solution idea, and we can provide the software development as well as an technical evaluation of your blockchain solution.

We feel privileged to work as the blockchain technology partner together with:

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