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About Validity Labs

Validity Labs is a provider of blockchain-based decentralised applications based in Switzerland. The journey started in 2015 with the Ethereum genesis block, offering a range of services focused on decentralised applications and their use cases.


We are a spin-off from ETH Zürich and have been working closely with the ETH as well as other Swiss Academic Institutes over the past few years. Validity Labs supports large corporations (e.g. insurance companies, banks, watch-maker, fund managers and other corporations) on their first blockchain products. We build custom blockchain solutions for companies of any size and industry to help create and scale blockchain products effectively. From conceptualising, designing, sketching to building and supporting applications using across multiple industries.

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Why we are the best software provider for you

Validity Labs is a software provider, we are an early adopter of blockchain technology and have been offering

blockchain-based solutions and services since 2015. Validity Labs has transformed itself considerably in the last

few years, from an ETH Zurich spin-off to one of the key providers for decentralized solutions in Europe with

over +200 clients worldwide.

KYC & AML SaaS Services

If you plan to start a fundraiser like an STO or ICO or you have other needs to provide a KYC / AML service to your business, our SaaS solution provide high availability, scalability, security and an intuitive process to your clients.

Smart Contract Development

The self-executing coded contracts written by smart contract developers, automate business processes and bring trust in a transaction. Once you let us know your requirement to our Smart contracts developer, our technical expert will schedule a call and discuss your idea in detail post sign of an NDA.

Software Development

Validity Labs design and build software solutions for companies of any size and industry. We provide Blockchain consultation, develop enterprise applications, assist with the technical concept and architecture for your specific objectives, development of decentralised applications (dapps) and integration into existing infrastructure. We can assist with the technical concept and architecture for your specific objectives.

Enterprise Advisory Services

Validity Labs works alongside clients at all stages of their blockchain journey to understand and navigate the choices that they face when defining and designing decentralised applications, platforms and ventures.

NFT Creation Events

You want to launch an NFT? We got you covered, we can auto-generate for you unique NFTs while you just need to provide us with the design elements.

Forensic Services & Products

During the past years we have become a go-to partner for many legal firms, dispute resolutions as well as a subject-matter experts to courts. We provide analytics and insides of crypto-crimes. We developed our own crypto-analytics tool to help clients with investigations into lost and stolen crypto-assets.

Our first ICOs with Modum, Ambrosus, Medicalchain

After having followed early coin sales (e.g. Ethereum) and token sales (e.g. TheDAO, Golem, Melonport) and having solid foundations on Solidity smart contract development, Validity Labs started offering smart contract code review and development for clients. The first projects that we supported were Modum, Ambrosus and Medicalchain. We developed an increasingly sophisticated toolchain that extends the utility of community tools such as Truffle, Etherscan or solc-linter.

First protocol development

Our early smart contract and decentralized application development for customers goes back to building a decentralized marketplace (on-chain decentralized exchange) for a leading Swiss insurance firm in 2016. This experience enabled us to build a complex suite of interoperable smart contracts forming the Covee protocol in 2018. The protocol allows unknown parties to collaborate on a group task and implements a sophisticated game-theoretical balanced incentive scheme. The smart contract development was complemented by an extensive set of unit and integration tests written with the Truffle framework.

Tokenhaus - Go Live of ICO Investor Portal

In 2018, we developed the Tokenhaus Investor Portal to run a secure, compliant and seamless ICO end to end. The solution operates the full investor onboarding process, i.e. signup, KYC checks, AML checks, SAFT/ECA signing, and finally the investment to the ICO. In addition, it also provides an admin dashboard for the ICO team to manage the investors, compliance checks and investments. Our first client using this solution launched in summer 2018. Since then, we continuously improved and extended the Tokenhaus solution.

Smart Contract Coding for Legal Professionals

Teaching people the still complex blockchain topics as well as supporting people to build smart contracts has always been in the DNA of Validity Labs. In late 2018, we got several requests from large Swiss law firms for internal workshops on “Blockchain Fundamentals” as well as “Smart Contract Coding”. We redesigned and adapted our teaching courses for legal and corporate clients, on which we got excellent feedback so far. It is always inspiring for us to see how people start to rethink the status quo of certain businesses, institutions, organizations as soon as they have really understood the potential of blockchain.

HOPR - decentralized messaging protocol

HOPR is a messaging protocol that allows for fully privacy-preserving message exchange between any two parties on the internet. A sender pays relayer nodes to reliably relay transactions to the receiver, thereby not revealing their identity. The protocol comprises two layers: The messaging layer is inspired by TOR; the incentive layer leverages custom payment channels on Ethereum

Genesis of Validity Labs

While our founders Andre and Sebastian had both been active in the blockchain ecosystem, they got together at Ethereum DevCon 1 in 2015 with the aim to educate a new generation of decentralized application developers. Early ideas that later turned into TheDAO and other foundational projects were discussed at the time but we decided that it was not yet the right time for building actually decentralized applications on this young infrastructure. We contributed to the aftermath of TheDAO exploit and analysis and gave the first public workshop in continental Europe in early 2016. Overwhelmed by the positive feedback we decided to go all-in on educating and building the decentralized tomorrow.

First blockchain education in Switzerland

We educated the public in our first workshop on blockchains and smart contract development. Soon we would educate corporates on how to identify blockchain use cases and host our first Hackathon-as-a-Service for a large Swiss insurance company. On the academic end we introduced blockchain in the curriculum at ETH Zurich with the Blockchain-and-IoT-School (BIOTS) in summer 2016.


We are global experts & passionate professionals

Our employees are global experts and passionate professionals who are convinced with know-how and are always up to date with the latest technologies and knowledge. The customer comes first for Validity Labs, if you are satisfied - we are!


We are only satisfied when the customer is satisfied

How satisfied our customers are with our services is shown by the many positive reviews that regularly reach us. Not convinced yet? We are happy to advise you in a personal conversation about our services!

Prof. Dr. Andreas Furrer

Professor at the University Luzern

"Validity Labs held an introductory course in Smart Contracts programming at the University of Lucerne for the staff and participants of my master course "Blockchain & Smart Contracts". The participants and I were enthusiastic about this course, which gave a very good insight into the blockchain technology. The participants were able to experience for themselves how a token is programmed and develop a feeling for the challenges that need to be mastered when programming a Smart Contract. I can particularly recommend this course to lawyers and business experts because it provides the foundation for a deeper understanding of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). Last but not least, these courses are held in a very pleasant and stimulating environment."
Dr. Marcel Dietsch

CEO of Covee AG

Validity Labs has been a great tech partner. A key aspect of Covee’s decentralised marketplace for work is the incentive and trust layer, implemented as an Ethereum-based smart contract. VL helped us code and test this smart contract and we were very happy with the quality of their work. The project was also managed professionally and delivered on time and budget.
Mo Tayeb

COO of Medicalchain

Validity Labs has been an excellent partner to work with in building our smart contract. It was very clear from the beginning that their team had the knowledge and expertise to deliver our complex requirements. They indeed delivered on time and as planned the support we got from them was excellent. We highly recommend Validity Labs.
Dr. Thomas Bocek

Board of Directors of Modum

Validity Labs delivered the review of the smart contract in a very timely and professional manner. Even after the review, Sebastian from Valividty Labs send us hints and tips to improve our smart contracts.


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