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#BUIDL more, talk less

Validity Labs AG is a solution provider building web2 & web3 tools for multiple businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re looking to create a new prototype for an idea or to develop an enterprise grade solution - Validity Labs AG offers the easiest-to-use and most transparent products and services with the aim of increasing your efficiency through leveraging state of the art technology.

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An official ETH Zurich spin-off

Validity Labs AG is a technology provider for blockchain-based decentralised applications based in Zurich. At its core we are focused on building decentralised, enterprise-grade blockchain solutions to onboard clients in different industries. Validity Labs AG has already developed and helped many prominent crypto-startups to bring their vision to live. From crypto banks to insurance companies or DeFi projects.

What makes us unique

Exceptional quality development of decentralised applications based on the technology stack of leaders of the industry for a more sustainable tomorrow.

Validity Labs AG is a software solutions provider and an early adopter of blockchain technology offering blockchain-based solutions and services since 2015. Validity Labs AG has transformed considerably in the past few years, from being an ETH Zurich spin-off to becoming a key provider for decentralised solutions in Europe with over +350 clients worldwide. We provide software solutions so our clients can focus on the important business decisions while we assess the technology setup and evaluate if a blockchain is needed and what type it should be. Our service is implemented with a strong focus on security, scalability and performance while using innovative technologies. We estimate and optimise GAS usage to ensure cost optimization throughout your planned services.


Blockchain is new territory - but not for us!

A lot of people and companies have fantastic ideas and visions of products and projects that can be efficiently implemented on a blockchain. However, many often lack on the one hand the knowhow or expertise behind it or on the other hand experienced developers to implement it. We help you from concept creation, architecture to platform development or project implementation. It does not matter whether we support startups and their innovative visions or already established companies in smart contract development or tokenization. We do, however, provide support in legal or forensic issues of law firms or similar in cases of failed token sales and more.

Platform & Protocol Development

Validity Labs AG employs a group of creative technologists that love building innovative solutions. We work hand in hand with you to bring your vision to live. From concept via agile development to production and beyond. Validity Labs AG is your technology agency when it comes to build blockchain driven platforms and applications using state of the art technology stacks.

We offer:

  • Expert consulting services

  • Agile implementation, thorough testing and full deployment lifecycle

  • Continuous technical support after system deployment

  • Handover and documentation to your own team

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From dirt road to high-speed road

Our customers are project managers and developers who face big challenges with their development team and face technical issues with infrastructure setup. We help our clients optimize the dirt road of their code into a high-speed road. No question - a dirt road will get you there. Just not as fast and efficient. The big question is how to implement a good solution-oriented, efficient and robust code in a professional development team? This is where we from Validity Labs AG come into play.

IT Development Operations Services

Are you planning to set up a new development service for your own products or as a service for your client? Do you want to improve the current development lifecycle to get more transparency and efficiency? We can help you to organize and set up your development environment in order to streamline an efficient process.

We offer:

  • Consulting services: Definition & setup of an efficient development workflow

  • Establishment of development processes and analyses of bottlenecks

  • Code review, testing & optimization of code quality

  • Setup of physical servers and GitHub, GitLab repositories

  • Development of security concepts (Segregation of environments)

  • Implementation of migration processes and more!

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Our Products

Products we've developed

Discover our solutions & services we have developed and provide to our customers.

Token Migration dApp

You want to swap your ERC-20 token to a new one? We got you covered. You can use our token migration as a service to swap your old token for a new one. You get a white-labled service that we run for you during a set timeframe of your choice. The dApp will help your token owner to change the old token into the new one.

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Insolvency Management Platform

We developed a platform to provide the on-boarding of claimants in a liquidation after Swiss law. We offer non-custodial storage and a reporting engine to automatically manage crypto-assets that need to be recorded for the liquidation. We produce in-depth reporting and data-insights for the crypto-assets.

NFT & Media pinning service

We introduce a new media pinning service that enables you to mint your NFT directly to our storage solution. We provide decentralised storage using IPFS so you can store your media such as NFT(s) in a secure location. No need to trust launchpads or auction sites, you can easily move the NFT around or keep it at DAPin.

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What our clients say about us

I highly recommend André and his team at Validity Labs for anyone seeking to build a blockchain project. Their expertise is unparalleled - they are very professional, pragmatic, business-oriented and operate with high quality and integrity. Their level of experience in blockchain and smart contract system and security, and scalable and secure web systems is fantastic. The team works as a partner with you as a member of the same team, thinking like owners.

Brian Magierski
CEO & Founder of 21Impact Labs AG

Validity Labs held an introductory course in Smart Contracts programming at the University of Lucerne for the staff and participants of my master course "Blockchain & Smart Contracts". The participants and I were enthusiastic about this course, which gave a very good insight into the blockchain technology. The participants were able to experience for themselves how a token is programmed and develop a feeling for the challenges that need to be mastered when programming a Smart Contract. I can particularly recommend this course to lawyers and business experts because it provides the foundation for a deeper understanding of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). Last but not least, these courses are held in a very pleasant and stimulating environment.

Prof. Dr. Andreas Furrer
Professor at the University Luzern

Validity Labs has been a great tech partner. A key aspect of Covee’s decentralised marketplace for work is the incentive and trust layer, implemented as an Ethereum-based smart contract. VL helped us code and test this smart contract and we were very happy with the quality of their work. The project was also managed professionally and delivered on time and budget.

Dr. Marcel Dietsch
CEO of Covee AG

Validity Labs has been an excellent partner to work with in building our smart contract. It was very clear from the beginning that their team had the knowledge and expertise to deliver our complex requirements. They indeed delivered on time and as planned the support we got from them was excellent. We highly recommend Validity Labs.

Mohammed Tayeb
COO of Medicalchain

Validity Labs delivered the review of the smart contracts in a very timely and professional manner. Even after the review, Validity Labs sent us hints and tips to improve our smart contracts.

Dr. Thomas Bocek
Board of Directors of Modum


One platform, unlimited options - developed by Validity Labs AG

Validity Labs AG products and services aim to increase efficiency, transparency, privacy while using state of the art technology such as blockchain and natural language processing (NLP).

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