Full introduction to smart contract development

Learn to build your first smart contract project

6 Hours



Non-Technical Users

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Introduction to smart contract toolchain

We explain you the necessary tools and mechanics to code, compile and deploy your first smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain.

Code your own Token

We support you in coding your first Token. Next, we compile and deploy the smart contracts on the Ethereum testnet. As a last step we learn a bit about due diligence and best practices after deployment.

Introduction to ERC 20 standard

We go through the ERC20 standard and its characteristics.

Code your own ICO/Crowdsale

We explain the typical architecture of an ICO and how it is interlinked with the Token smart contract.

Real world issues: complying with banks and lawyers

We discuss all the additional procedures/mechanisms which need to be in place to run a compliant ICO.

Introduction to smart contract toolchain

We explain you the remix development framework. We introduce you to Solidity.

Smart contract deployment and interactions

We show you the Ethereum testnet and testnet Ether via Metamask. We deploy our first smart contract and interact with it.

Code your own Token

We explain and discuss: "What is a token?" Then you will build your own token (name, symbol, decimals, owner, balances, balanceOf, constructor). We go trough typical questions/problems related to the token design.

Due diligence & Best practices

We deploy the token to Ropsten using Metamask and verify the source code. We review the code on Etherscan.

Introduction to ERC20

WE introduce the ERC20 standard and make your first token compatible to this standard.

Best practices - what is negligence?

We discuss coding standards, testing and code reviews.

Code your own ICO

We explain the typical architecture of an ICO. We support you in coding you first crowdsale smart contract.

Introduction to Security Tokens

We have a session of the characteristics of security tokens, i.e. voting contract and dividend mechanisms.

Real-world issues: c omplying with banks and lawyers

Based on our expierence in doing ICOs, we discuss all the issues you need to address if you want to run an ICO in the real world, e.g. whitelisting, fiat contributions, etc