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Validity Labs AG ventures and beyond

We wrote more than just one chapter in the past few years.

The Validity Labs AG journey across the blockchain galaxy

Our journey started in 2015 when our founders decided to incorporate the Swiss company located in the heart of Crypto-Valley. In January 2016, we hosted our very first Introduction to Blockchain workshop in Technopark, Zurich. The workshop was sold out within just a few hours where 20+ participants got a first inside of Bitcoin, Ethereum blockchain and smart-contracts with a live coding session by Dr. Sebastian Bürgel. Validity Labs AG held dozens of workshops and training courses for companies, kick-started the Certificate of Advanced Studies at Hochschule Luzern and founded the concept to train a new breed of legal professionals who we named Legal Engineers. We hosted many workshops for legal professionals and showed them how to develop smart contracts. In 2017, we started to build our own series of products; some ended as a PoC and others have taken place in our portfolio since that time. Make sure you check out our GitHub repository for all the open-source code we have generated over the time.

Our Story Book

We wrote more than just one chapter in the past years

Spin-off DAT.AG

Digital Assets Technologies AG was founded in April 2021 and is a Zurich-based technology company developing a crypto reporting protocol. We aim to bridge blockchains and traditional financial systems. We have developed a series of SaaS solutions for the B2B and B2C sector. Our target group are professional accountants, fiduciaries, tax-offices and, of course, crypto companies. Our B2B solution is mainly helping crypto-asset holding companies and their accountants. The system is able to connect to multiple blockchains, gather all transaction data - including market-data and price feeds from various sources - and finally combine them in our dashboard so that the client can review all his transactions. While the process is getting more and more automated through our business intelligence engine's integrated rules, we provide a direct synchronisation into traditional accounting systems such as Abacus or RunMyAccounts.

Spin-off HOPR

Whether it's individuals, companies or institutions - the HOPR protocol provides full control over privacy, data and metadata. HOPR lays the groundwork for a more sovereign and safe internet. For everyone. HOPR is a messaging protocol that allows a fully privacy-preserving message exchange between any two parties on the internet. A sender pays a relay to certain nodes to reliably relay transactions to the receiver, thereby not revealing their identity. The protocol comprises two layers: The messaging layer is inspired by TOR; the incentive layer leverages custom payment channels on Ethereum.

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