André Wolke

Linkedin CEO & Co-Founder
André Wolke is the CEO & Co-founder of Validity Labs, an expert in the field that educates executives, lawyers, regulators and developers in understanding smart contracts and blockchain technology. After a rich and varied career overseeing technical projects at the likes of Credit Suisse, Pfizer, NHS and IBM, André turned from the corporate world to focus entirely on the emerging technical space. In 2014 he founded the Blockchain Meetup Switzerland to support a growing community of like minded people. When Ethereum launched, André recognized the potential of the new technology and decided to make it the focus of his new endeavours. In 2015 he co-founded Validity Labs, a blockchain education firm based in Switzerland with the goal of bringing distributed ledger technology to the masses with workshops and seminars aimed at both business decision-makers and developers. In keeping with his focus on education, André also helped founded the Blockchain and Internet of Things School (BIOTS), a university-level student program run in cooperation with the chair of computational social science of ETH Zurich as well as various industry partners. BIOTS has become the largest academic hackathon with 285 students attending in 2018 from 11 countries. Since 2019 it became an integral event at ETH Zurich called BETH. He is a member of the advisory board of the Swiss LegalTech Association and with growing interest in blockchain and DLT in particular, André has used his expertise and connections in the legal and technical world to provide guidance and leadership to a range of projects. He continues building forward thinking solutions for a future distributed economy.