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We are builders!

Do you have an idea or concept to build a new product, platform or a dApp? We can be your engineering team! We have successfully launched platforms in multiple domains, such as banking, fin-tech, legal, insurance, housing, research & development, security & privacy as well as DeFi or NFT.

Builders at heart

We build real world applications, not just talk about them!

Validity Labs AG designs and builds software solutions for companies of any size and any industry. We provide blockchain consultation, development of enterprise applications, assistance with the technical concept and architecture for your specific objectives, development of decentralised applications (dApps) and integration into existing infrastructure.

We will be your engineering team!
  • Help you to shape your architecture
  • Build from prototype to MvP
  • Shape the final version and support your team as well as your product development
  • We do the deployments and support
Beyond the MvP, we help you to focus on your business and support you for up to 2 years maintaining your backbone and building your local team. We have the technical capabilities, product mindset and experience to build solutions that introduce a new level of transparency, efficiency and automation into our clients' business processes. We help our clients to leverage the decentralised network built on the blockchain. Our team utilises a broad skill set, product mindset and experience to build solutions that are fit for purpose and easy to use. We believe in using the latest technologies to provide our clients with the best possible solution. On top of that, our design team produces world-class UI experiences.


Platform & protocol development process

We offer our customers the best possible service, the most effective solutions - based on the latest technology.

End-to-end product development by Validity Labs AG

Validity Labs AG is a technology provider for blockchain-based decentralized applications and has been developing end-to-end blockchain solutions since 2016. We pride ourselves with being a one-stop-shop for everything blockchain and dApp project-related. We have an excellent track record in bringing projects from idea to complete realization and have built up a top-level expertise in enterprise grade blockchain applications over the years. Thanks to our agile approach, we have the flexibility to quickly introduce changes to your project and adjust any requirements. All of this makes us confident we can be of help to you in clarifying and developing your project idea while providing you with technical support and assistance throughout the end-to-end development and deployment.

 Developed projects

 Combined years of crypto experience

 Happy client meetings

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We build on the shoulders of giants

We work with innovative tech stacks such as

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