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NFT creation & deployment

NFT-based solutions, fully customized or platform-hosted solutions, OpenSea lazy minting support and much more.

NFT Project Development

What are NFTs and How do they work?

We empower creators worldwide to enter the NFT market while you just provide us with design elements. We are a team of developers and innovators focused on delivering the highest quality solutions. We have developed our own NFT generator to create unique assets. You design, we develop. Our approach is an end-to-end solution where we provide all the technology requirements for you to achieve your goals.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are a type of programmable deeds of ownership to an asset based on blockchain technology. Such a digital deed gives its owner the sole authority to utilise, sell, and transfer the asset's ownership rights as defined by their private key signature. These privileges might include resale, physical redemption, digital services, financial rewards, royaltees or other types of rights. An NFT does not contain an asset in question but rather a programmable record of ownership and provenance with an inbuilt connection to the asset location. NFTs are driving innovation in blockchain adoption. While it may seem as pointless speculation over collectibles such as pixelated punks and bored apes, NFTs are actually the bridge into fintech innovation. Unlike more established assets in blockchain technology such as Bitcoin (BTC), NFTs can now be used to represent assets beyond what is on-chain. While assets like BTC are inseparable from their defined presentation, an NFT can break from the chain by representing an asset stored elsewhere. As an example, think of NFTs the same way a deed represents a house without actually being a house. This brings a plethora of new possibilities. We could say this isn't only a blockchain innovation but a shift in how blockchains are understood and used for ownership and representation. While many share doubts and fear of considering digital tokens as ownership over other assets, it is a definite shift that marks a milestone in blockchain innovation.

How we work

Smart contract development process

The development of the smart contract goes through several phases. These ensure that the business requirements are correctly defined and secured by the technology. This is our thought process:

NFT development by Validity Labs AG

Validity Labs AG is a technology provider for blockchain-based, decentralized applications and has been developing end-to-end blockchain solutions since 2016. We pride ourselves with being a one-stop-shop for everything blockchain and dApp project-related. We have an excellent track record in bringing projects from idea to complete realization and have built up a top-level expertise in enterprise grade blockchain applications over the years. Thanks to our agile approach, we have the flexibility to quickly introduce changes to your project and adjust any requirements. All of this makes us confident we can be of help to you in clarifying and developing your project idea while providing you with technical support and assistance throughout the end-to-end development and deployment. In any case, why not just give us a call and we can discuss your project without any charge for a full hour.

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