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We simplify digitization for you!

Technology companies, startups or big industries are looking for ways to simplify operations and reduce IT costs while meeting the demands of their business. We provide extensive support to your development lifecycle and help you digitize your process.

Builders at heart

We help to optimize, validate, and deploy comprehensive IT solutions.

We provide extensive support to your development lifecycle and help you to digitize your process. From choosing the right repository setup (local or remote) to configuring the right process that fits your development needs. We set up your own CI/CD pipelines and integrate it in a way your own development team will be able to work more efficiently and securely on your code-base.

We believe that security is key to success. Therefore we put a strong emphasis on the key-manage of secrets and encryption of sensitive data. We will guide you through this important process to safeguard your secrets. Code needs to be tested. This is why we also integrate various test-systems in order to ensure your code-bases are well tested by the developers. Implementing solutions to ensure you can instantly review code vulnerabilities will provide a time-consuming search for the needle in a haystack. We help you to find the right tools for you to become more efficient in your development. From setting up your:
  • Consulting services: Definition and setup of an efficient development workflow
  • Establishment of development processes
  • Code review, testing & optimization of code quality
  • Setup of physical servers (software only)
  • Setup GitHub, GitLab repositories (CI/CD Pipelines (tests and deployments)
  • Security concept (Segregation of environments)
  • Migration process (development environment → staging → production)
  • Backup or restore of data which is not static
  • Monitoring (Setup escalation management procedures)
  • Performance improvements (Analyses of bottlenecks)
  • Plan & setup business continuity processes

In cooperation with you, we will design and develop a development lifecycle including workflows that are optimized to meet the needs of your development team. Furthermore, we support you in the implementation of CI/CD pipelines for the execution of tests and deployments. The pipelines execute, for example, code quality checks, security analysis tests, unit tests and vulnerability scans to ensure the optimal quality of your software.

End-to-end product development by Validity Labs AG

Validity Labs AG is a technology provider for blockchain-based decentralized applications and has been developing end-to-end blockchain solutions since 2016. We pride ourselves with being a one-stop-shop for everything blockchain and dApp project-related. We have an excellent track record in bringing projects from idea to complete realization and have built up a top-level expertise in enterprise grade blockchain applications over the years. Thanks to our agile approach, we have the flexibility to quickly introduce changes to your project and adjust any requirements. All of this makes us confident we can be of help to you in clarifying and developing your project idea while providing you with technical support and assistance throughout the end-to-end development and deployment.

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