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At its core, we are spending most of its time building decentralized enterprise-grade solutions for clients in various industries. Our products and solutions aim at the financial sector to automate and optimize digital processes as well as enabling companies to access new markets.

KYC & AML Services

Launch your token with our ICO/STO services. We support you from start to finish by turning your token idea into a technical concept, writing and testing smart contracts, and advising you on all other needed processes for running the STO, leveraging our extensive technical experience in this area.

Smart Contract Development & Code Review

You plan to launch a new DeFi product, your own token on the Ethereum blockchain, a series of NFTs or a more complex DAO? We design and development your smart-contracts.

Platform Development

You have an idea or concept to build a new product, platform or a Dapp? We will be your engineering team!

Validity Labs design and build software solutions for companies of any size and industry. We provide Blockchain consultation, develop enterprise applications, assist with the technical concept and architecture for your specific objectives, development of decentralised applications (dapps) and integration into existing infrastructure. 

Enterprise Advisory Services

Validity Labs works alongside clients at all stages of their blockchain journey to understand and navigate the choices that they face when defining and designing decentralised applications, platforms and ventures.

NFT Creation Events

You want to launch an NFT? We got you covered, we can auto-generate for you unique NFTs while you just need to provide us with the design elements.

Forensic Services & Products

During the past years we have become a go-to partner for many legal firms, dispute resolutions as well as a subject-matter experts to courts. We provide analytics and insides of crypto-crimes. We developed our own crypto-analytics tool to help clients with investigations into lost and stolen crypto-assets.

Our Clients

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Validity Labs is your number one technology partner, specialist and expert in all areas focused on decentralized applications, software development with a focus on the blockchain ecosystem and their use cases. We have over +200 clients worldwide and our portfolio is still growing.


Not only swiss companies are part of our customer base. We have customers from all over the world. Due to privacy not all of our customers can be listed in this section.