Our service vision is to build the best blockchain solutions for our clients, starting with education, advisory and finally an STO and/or a full solution.

What we can offer

Our Services

As a first step in the decentralised world, we can offer you educational workshops to bring you up to speed on latest blockchain technology. As a follow-up, we can support you with advisory services to define a detailed concept for your problem. Depending on the problem and scope, the next step is to run an STO or to start directly with building your decentralised solution.

ICO/STO services

Validity Labs offers STO Services for your needs. We can support you from start to finish by turning your token idea into a technical concept, implementing and testing smart contracts, and advising you on all other needed processes for running the STO, leveraging our extensive technical experience in this area.

Education services

Since the launch of Ethereum,
Validity Labs has been teaching the fundamentals of blockchain technology and smart contract coding to leading corporates, law firms, institutions and organisations.

Software development

Validity Labs designs and build customised blockchain solutions for your use case. We can assist with the technical concept and architecture for your specific objectives.

Enterprise advisory services

Validity Labs works alongside clients at all stages of their blockchain journey to understand and navigate the choices that they face when defining and designing decentralised applications, platforms and ventures.

Our Clients

We have clients from all over the world

Not only Swiss are part of our customer base. We serve customers all over the world.