Smart Contact Development & Code Review

Advanced smart contract development handled by experienced developers


Smart Contract Development

Smart Contracts are the most integral part in any blockchain. We provide our clients with the most accurately coded smart contract and deploy smart contracts for public and private blockchain networks. We have built smart contracts for crowdfunding, blockchain supply chain solutions and various decentralised Apps.



Independent code review

Bugs, security exploits and architecture limitations of smart contracts led to losses of several hundred million dollars. By performing independent smart contract code reviews, we reduce the likelihood of such fallouts.


During our code review we do an in-depth assessment of the smart contracts, the unit and integration tests as well as the general setup of the solution. We primarily make sure that the dApp is not susceptible to known exploits, the setup follows high standards and complies with best practices. The findings are detailed in a code review report and are re-evaluated after the development team has addressed them.


Here we are not just relying on automated tools but in addition rely on our experienced smart contract experts that are working in the Ethereum ecosystem since the first hours and are active members of the community. As such we have for example actively participated in supporting the ecosystem during and after TheDAO hack that lead to 15% of all Ether being at risk of being lost in 2016. In addition Validity Labs takes part in community-driven tools, initiatives and debates such as OpenZeppelin, educational events focussing on security aspects as well as discussions on future development directions.

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We are only satisfied when the customer is satisfied

How satisfied our customers are with our services is shown by the many positive reviews that regularly reach us. Not convinced yet? We are happy to advise you in a personal conversation about our services!

Prof. Dr. Andreas Furrer

Professor at the University Luzern

"Validity Labs held an introductory course in Smart Contracts programming at the University of Lucerne for the staff and participants of my master course "Blockchain & Smart Contracts". The participants and I were enthusiastic about this course, which gave a very good insight into the blockchain technology. The participants were able to experience for themselves how a token is programmed and develop a feeling for the challenges that need to be mastered when programming a Smart Contract. I can particularly recommend this course to lawyers and business experts because it provides the foundation for a deeper understanding of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). Last but not least, these courses are held in a very pleasant and stimulating environment."
Dr. Marcel Dietsch

CEO of Covee AG

Validity Labs has been a great tech partner. A key aspect of Covee’s decentralised marketplace for work is the incentive and trust layer, implemented as an Ethereum-based smart contract. VL helped us code and test this smart contract and we were very happy with the quality of their work. The project was also managed professionally and delivered on time and budget.
Mo Tayeb

COO of Medicalchain

Validity Labs has been an excellent partner to work with in building our smart contract. It was very clear from the beginning that their team had the knowledge and expertise to deliver our complex requirements. They indeed delivered on time and as planned the support we got from them was excellent. We highly recommend Validity Labs.
Dr. Thomas Bocek

Board of Directors of Modum

Validity Labs delivered the review of the smart contract in a very timely and professional manner. Even after the review, Sebastian from Valividty Labs send us hints and tips to improve our smart contracts.