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July 20, 2022

Validity Labs AG

Make the best of hackathons with Dapp Sprint!

EPAM Hackathon In the blockchain space, 2016 has brought forth a flourishing of hackathons in order to build use cases and serve as a meeting point between technology experts and institutions. Some prominent ones this year are Thomson Reuters Hackethon (London), EtherCamp virtual accelerator, Distributed Health and EPAM blockchain hackathon.

At Validity Labs, we have received requests to prepare teams for hackathons and are glad to oblige with Dapp Sprint; a short preparatory session to familiarise blockchain hackathon participants with IDEs, basic smart contract design patterns and methods to build user interfaces. All these themes shall be covered in a short participant defined time window ranging from 2 hours to 8 hours.

Dapp sprint is geared towards Hackathon participants; hence the emphasis is on covering practical tools, libraries and methods for application development in a short time frame. Minimal effort is spent on the basic computer science and cryptographic theory behind blockchain technology.

We deployed this modality of blockchain education at the EPAM blockchain hackathon in Zurich. This unique event brought together blockchain developers and insurance industry executives under one roof. Two major Swiss insurance firms defined a set of challenges for participant teams spanning the areas of life insurance, product warranties and mobility insurance.

This first Dapp Sprint was conducted by our smart contract application development wizard. He set the participants up with Ethereum Studio (a Development Environment we prefer), a hello-world smart contract, a library of smart contract designs with user interface examples and a test-network. Participants found these building blocks immensely useful to extract the maximum value out of time spent at the hackathon.

EPAM Hackathon

If you are hosting a hackathon and would like to train the participants before the event, we would love to hear from you.

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