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Enterprise Advisory

Validity Labs provides a range of advisory services to our enterprise clients to help them to define and design decentralised products and ventures.


We take our clients through a series of up to four inter-linked modules which take them from discovery of blockchain through to a functioning Proof of Concept (PoC) and roadmap for build of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

Our approach is based on decentralised technologies being an enabler of business models and products, not the objective in themselves. Throughout this blockchain journey we focus on the requirements of the end-customer and co-design a product that meets these needs in a practical, and realistic manner.

Module 0 - Blockchain Fundamentals

For clients earlier in their journey we provide two training courses which combine theory and practice. We cover decentralisation, blockchain, coins and tokens, smart contracts and related topics.


By the end of the second course your full team (not just the developers) will have coded their first smart contract.

Module 1 - Strategy, Use Case and Business Model

Before delving into blockchain in detail, we look first at sector specific decentralisation opportunities and business models that are relevant for your industry and your business.

By the end of this module we will have identified and documented your highest priority use case and the chosen business model.

Module 2 - Product Definition

We take the business model defined in Module 1 and elaborate it into a clearly articulated decentralised product which incorporates customer needs, UX/UI factors and tokenisation concepts.


By the end of this module you will have documented user journey and user story maps, a description of high level decentralised technology concept and mechanics applied to the product and an online mockup of the product.

Module 3 - Proof of Concept, Testing and Roadmap

Module 3 brings the outputs of the previous modules together and turns them into a functioning Proof of Concept with deployed smart contracts and a simple web front-end.


By the end of this module you will have a functional demonstrator to test the concept with your customers and internal stakeholders; detailed concept, smart contract and architecture documentation and a roadmap to MVP in the future phases of development. You will own all code that has been developed.

What we've done

Client Case Studies

Energy company

Our client was a young energy company seeking to disrupt incumbents by creating decentralised energy markets.

We worked with the CEO, CTO and wider team to take their initial thinking into a fully articulated concept, mechanics and initial architecture for a decentralised and tokenised energy market. This included mapping of transaction, data and fiat/crypto currency flows and interactions; and modeling of energy market factors to ensure that the resulting product was grounded in the reality of our client’s industry.


Telecoms company

Our client was a disruptive mobile network operator seeking new decentralised business models to add value to its customers. We worked with our client to define user stories, user story maps and a detailed concept for a tokenised ecosystem. These user stories were then backed by comprehensive process/system mappings which captured transaction, data and fiat/crypto-currency flows and interactions for each user group within the tokenised ecosystem; and high level smart contract specifications for the tokens to be used within the ecosystem.

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