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The Tale of Validity Labs AG

Validity Labs AG is an ETH Spin-off and a technology provider for blockchain-based decentralised applications and is based in Zurich. Our journey started in 2015 with the Ethereum genesis block as the first blockchain education company in Switzerland.

While the two founders André Wolke and Dr. Sebastian Bürgel had both been active in the blockchain ecosystem for many years, they got together at Ethereum DevCon 1 in 2015 with the aim to educate a new generation of decentralised application developers. Early ideas and their foundational projects were discussed at the time but then decided that it was not yet the right time for building actually decentralised applications on this very young infrastructure. But it led to the first public workshop in continental Europe in early 2016. Overwhelmed by the positive feedback and yet growing to a company we decided to go all-in on educating and building the decentralised tomorrow. In the same year, André Wolke brought some of the brightest minds from the blockchain community together hosting the first BIOTS program in collaboration with the ETH Zurich chair of Computational Social Science led by Prof. Dr. Dirk Helbing. Crowned the “largest academic hackathon”, this program was integrated by ETH Zurich in 2019 and renamed BETH. Over the last few years, Validity Labs AG developed itself from a startup to one of the major key players in the crypto and blockchain space by building decentralised applications. We chose the crypto valley Zurich as our home base, as the country is one of the best locations in Europe for blockchain startups.

Our vision

Building a decentralised tomorrow. We aim to improve our world and the lives of society with the adoption and use of blockchain technologies.

Our mission

We are developing state of the art solutions for our clients. We are helping companies across the globe - from the smallest to the largest institutions - have an easy and safe way to access the blockchain and defi world.

Our promise

It's quite simple: it's our commitment to our customers. We have been accompanying companies in the implementation of their projects for many years. That's why we are constantly optimising our services, our quality and our products with and for our customers in order to be the best partner for you and your projects.


 Combined years of experience

 Hours of academic tutoring and training

 Recovered crypto funds

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The Foremost Builders

Our blockchain family

Our employees are global experts and passionate professionals who are convinced with know-how and are always up to date with the latest technologies and knowledge. The customer comes first for Validity Labs AG, if you are satisfied - we are!


Your contact for Project inquiries



Your contact for Project inquiries



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Get inspired by us

Swiss quality and the best user experience - why customers love us

Working with experts

Combined, we bring +56 years experience in blockchain, defi and crypto. We are global experts and passionate professionals who are always up to date with the latest technologies and knowledge.

Your time is our treasure

We get back to you as soon as possible to offer you the best creative solution to solve your problem combined with a friendly, rich and pleasant user experience.

100% swiss quality

The origin says it all: Switzerland has always stood for the highest quality. We are always on the cutting edge of technology, expanding our services, products and integrating new technologies.

Privacy preserving

We take our clients' privacy seriously and protect all such data with end-to-end encryption and our transaction-mixer technology. We even provide you with a privacy tracker.

We are independent

We don't collect user-data or work with 3rd parties. All nodes are hosted in the Swiss datacenter to ensure the utmost integrity of our clients.

In the press


We wrote more than one chapter in the years



Incorporation of Validity Labs AG

Kickstarted our education program in January 2016 to go on and build the first CAS in Switzerland & Lichtenstein.

Creation of the BIOTS Program

An educational event in close cooperation with ETH Zurich to invite and teach students about blockchain driven technologies and IOT. Read more about it here.


Launch of our crowdfunding & on-boarding platform with integrated AML and KYC checks supporting IDNow, Bisnode, PXL-Vision and Intrum. We helped ICO to fundraise 100m+ in capital using

BIOTS 2018

BIOTS 2018 became the biggest academic hackathon and evolved since it started in 2016. The goals have stayed the same: to spur blockchain education at universities and to make Switzerland one of the leading hubs in the blockchain and IoT space.

Release DAAS

Launch of the Decentralised Autonomous Association Switzerland. A DAO built on top of the legal framework developed jointly with MME Legal. Feel free to test us - it's open-source.


Creating one of the first scientific blockchain education conferences in close collaboration with ETH Library Labs and some of the most renowned Scientist from around the world.

Insolvency Management Platform

We launched the first platform of its kind for a Swiss legal client to support a liquidation and manage the claims on-boarding for crypto-asset holders in the size of 30million+ in total assets.

Spin-off - HOPR

Whether it's individuals, companies or institutions - the HOPR protocol provides full control over privacy, data and metadata. HOPR lays the groundwork for a more sovereign and safe internet. For everyone.

Spin-off - DAT.AG

Digital Assets Technologies AG was founded in April 2021 and is a Zurich-based technology company developing a crypto reporting protocol. We have developed a solution for crypto-users, accounting professionals and fiduciaries to solve this problem by collecting, synchronizing and reporting transaction data and synchronizing them into traditional accounting systems.

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