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Introduction to Smart Contracts

This single day hands-on programming workshop is designed to acquaint participants with basic components of smart contract technology, expose them to Interactive Development Environments for programming smart contracts and have them deploy their first smart contracts on the Ethereum network. Towards the end, the course shall also walk students through the landscape of advanced smart contract systems and their capabilities.

Attendees will take home a deep appreciation of the potential of smart contract technology and tool-sets to start building their own smart contract applications.

The workshop contains several breaks during which snacks and lunch shall be served. The ticket price for the workshop includes the cost of food and beverages.

Course Language: English

Level: Beginner: No programming skills or blockchain knowledge required

Required: Bring your laptop with WiFi access + power supply

Course Outline

Welcome & schedule

– Validity Labs

– Who we are, what we want to do


– What are cryptocurrencies? What is Ethereum?

– A demonstration of smart contracts

– Why are smart contracts useful?

– Hash functions

– Public key cryptography

– Public economic consensus

– Proof of Work & Proof of Stake

Theory of Ethereum and smart contracts

– Blockchain and smart contract definition

– Accounts

– Ethereum transactions

– Gas


– Languages (Solidity, Serpent)

– Bytecode

Showcase of the hack.ether.camp IDE

– Write and compile a smart contract

– Interact with smart contracts in a sandbox

– Setup a blockchain

– Mechanics of gas

– Accounts

– Genesis.json

Hands-on smart contract development

– Solidity: ethereum’s smart contract language

– Interactive development of a playful smart contract

– Common pitfalls and new design paradigms

Handling the Ethereum network

– Setup your own node

– Start mining

– Send transactions manually

– Compile, deploy and interface a smart contract from your node

Sneak preview into advanced smart contracts

– Components for building advanced smart contract systems

– Fetching data from provably honest sources (Oraclize)

– Prediction markets for decentralised decision making

– Speculative decentralised applications to keep an eye on: Smart contracts as owners of physical objects (Blockchain plus Internet of Things), automation of organisational finances and price stable cryptocurrencies.

Closing & feedback

– Outlook for Validity Labs

– Feedback & closing

Participants are expected to bring a laptop with WiFi access + power supply