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Foundations of blockchains and smart contracts

This single day workshop is designed to acquaint participants with basic components of smart contracts and its underlying blockchain technology. The attendees will get an understanding of the blockchain technology stack as well as a sound overview of how smart contracts work. The participants will experience live deployment examples of smart contracts on the Ethereum network.
Attendees will learn about the Ethereum network in more detail to get an understanding how all components play together. During this workshop we demonstrate how to backup and restore Ethereum wallets, or how you can transfer your Ether from one node to another. For developers we have a separate course upcoming where you can pre-register here.
Who should attend?
The workshop is available to everyone who is interested to learn more about smart contracts and its underlying blockchain stack. No prior knowledge of blockchains, programming etc. required.
Attendees will take home a deep appreciation of the potential of smart contract technology and tool-sets to start building their own smart contract applications.
The workshop contains several breaks, lunch and beverages are included.
Regular Price  CHF 395.00
Course Language:   English
Level: Beginner: No programming skills or blockchain knowledge required

Course Outline

Welcome & schedule

– Introduction Validity Labs

– Introduction round


– History Bitcoin

– Parallels with banking systems

– What is a smart contract?

– Demo of a smart contract

– What is a hash?

– Demo fo public key cryptography

– What is proof of work/stake – high level

– Public vs. private chains

– Permissioned vs. non permissioned

Ethereum and smart contracts - how it really works

– Blockchain and smart contract definition

– Accounts

– Ethereum transactions

– Demo with Mist

– Gas


– Languages (Solidity, Serpent), bytecode


Introduction to Ethereum (Geth)

– What is the difference between a full-node and a light wallet

– Setup a Miner

– Wallets, Mist, long term storage

– Blockchain explorer

– Accounts, backup, restore, import, export

– Account handling, offline storage

Sneak preview into advanced smart contracts

– Components for building advanced smart contract systems

– Demo Etherwall

– Fetching data from provably honest sources (Oraclize)

– Demo DAO

– Prediction markets (Gnosis) for decentralised decision making

– Scheduling function calls for the future (Ethereum Alarm clock)

Closing & feedback

– Feedback & closing

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