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Blockchain Crash Course for Developers

Blockchain technology is taking the world by storm, and literally hundreds of banks, financial institutions, governments, corporates and startups worldwide are actively developing applications in the space or participating in Blockchain consortiums like Hyperledger, R3, and Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. Currently, Blockchain developer talent is extremely scarce, and tomorrow’s success will trigger a hiring rush for experienced developers.
This course will guide software developers through the jungle of smart contract development on Ethereum-style blockchains. We will introduce the smart contract programming language Solidity and then build a fully functional decentralized crowd-funding platform.
The final product will comprise a smart contract and a web interface for a normal web-browser. Finally we will walk through best practices and show case a $50M hack – and how to avoid them.

Who is this course for?

This course aims at software developers who have some knowledge of blockchains in general and can write scripts in Python, Javascript or other high-level languages. We do not require any experience in Solidity or Ethereum specifically.
*please note that this is a special discounted session (the usual cost is HK$4,000)

Workshop Agenda

Hands-on smart contracts

Ethereum Studio IDE

Interfacing the smart contract from a web application

Exploits and best practices

Workshop Logistics

Duration:   4 hours (4x 45min) sessions
Hosted at:   Hong Kong, Central
Address:  tbc
Max:   30 participants
Requirements:   Every participant will need a laptop with WiFi, his charger and a working Chrome browser
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