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The Business Potential of Blockchain

This half-day course exposes participants to blockchains and smart contracts for the first time.
We take a look “under the hood”, get a very fundamental understanding of what blockchains and smart contracts really are and why they are such powerful tools. Attendees will get the chance to interact with a smart contract in a playful fashion.
We will then look in more detail at existing business models and assess why they have the potential to disrupt major established industries. We will wrap up with success stories and an overview of challenges and limitations.

Who is this course for?

Anyone who wants to dive into blockchain technology and smart contracts. This includes business analysts, executives, investors, startups and other curious minds.


No blockchain knowledge and no programming or other technical skills required.

Workshop Agenda


    – About Us
    – Agenda

Introduction to Blockchain and Smart Contracts

    – Blockchain for peer-to-peer financial transactions
    – Blockchain for business process automation
    – Blockchain thought experiment: How does a blockchain really work?

Getting in touch with smart contracts

    – Ether give-away
    – Play with your first smart contract and maybe win some Ether!
    – Under the hood: transparency and blockchain explorers

Total disruption: existing blockchain business cases

    – The next insurance industry
    – The next supply-chain management
    – The next generation of trade and investment

Smart contracts for startups and investors

    – Initial coin offerings (ICOs): How to make $2.5M in 3 minutes
    – Brave new world: How to lose $50M in under 1 minute
    – Wrap-up and summary of the workshop

Workshop Logistics

Duration:   4 hours (4x 45min) sessions
Max:   20 participants
Requirements:   Every participant will need a Mobile phone (iOS or Android)
Hosted at:   Lakeside Business Center AG
Address:  Gotthardstrasse 26, 6300 Zug
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