Micha Roon

Instructor / Trainer




Lakeside Business Center | Gotthardstrasse 26 | 6300 Zug



Blockchain Developer Workshop

This course takes participants on a deep dive into the world of blockchain and smart contracts. We will learn about the fundamentals and gain hands-on smart contract development experience on the Ethereum blockchain. Attendees of this course will get a basic exposure to the DAPP (decentralized application) development process using the new smart contract language Solidity. A hands-on example walks through core steps of the DAPP development process including an overview of available toolchains for debugging, testing and interfacing smart contracts. We will also cover some existing real-world use cases of existing DAPPs.

Who is this course for?

Developers who would like to build decentralized serverless applications using Ethereum smart contracts.


Some experience with JavaScript, Python or other high-level languages is required. No blockchain knowledge required.

Workshop Agenda


    – About Us
    – Agenda

Blockchain Gedankenexperiment

    – Motivation for blockchain for individuals and corporations
    – From core banking ledger to blockchain
    – Adding smart contracts to the blockchain

Hands-on introduction to smart contracts

    – Ether give-away
    – Interact with a smart contract and win Ether!
    – Under the hood: blockchain explorers

Your first smart contract

    – Free browser-based IDE
    – The smart contract language Solidity
    – Hello World smart contract

Interfacing smart contracts with Javascript

    – The web3.js library
    – Accessing smart contract functions
    – Sending transactions

Client-side tools for smart contracts

    – Metamask
    – Sending Ether to smart contract
    – Sending data to smart contract

Example development environment

    – Web frontend
    – Smart contract interface
    – truffle

Testing smart contracts

    – JavaScript promises
    – Test setup and demo
    – Wrap-up and summary of workshop

Workshop Logistics

Duration:   8 hours (8x 45min) sessions
Max:   14 participants
Requirements:   Every participant will need a laptop with WiFi, his charger and a working Chrome browser
Hosted at:   Lakeside Business Center AG
Address:  Gotthardstrasse 26, 6300 Zug
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