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Blockchain Basics for Enterprises

Are you an manager, decision maker or employee in an enterprise, tasked with understanding blockchain technology and its possibilities? Are you looking for guidance with regards to understanding the essential and non-essential parts? If so, this one-day course is perfect for you to get a broad understanding. While the contents are customizable, we can cover:

An overview of the basics

  • Distributed consensus
  • Cryptocurrency blockchains
  • Permissioned blockchains
  • Smart contracts
  • Web of smart contracts

Strengths and weakness of blockchain technology

  • Constraints imposed by distributed consensus
  • Performance characteristics – speed, scalability and maintenance
  • Business privacy characteristics
  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum

Value proposition of blockchain technology

  • When can blockchain technology deliver a good return on investment?
  • Clearing and settlement
  • Increasing process verifiability
  • Business process automation
  • Transitioning from firm level systems to industry level systems

Platforms - strengths and weaknesses

  • Tendermint and Eris
  • Multichain

Current applications and long-run outlook

  • What applications are successful in the current environment?
  • Long term outlook – how blockchain technology can impact industries and enable new services.

Guidance on your problems

  • If you are evaluating blockchains already and would like guidance to shorten development cycles, we can include a section specifically on that.
While all the above information can be gleaned from vendors of blockchain technology, we differentiate ourselves by being an educational firm without any sales motives. We provide a vendor-neutral course and give as factually accurate a description as possible.

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